Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Project Runway Episode 1

Ahhh…. Like a fresh tall one, Project Runway is so refreshing.

The new season promises to be fraught with drama, cattiness, and a whole lot of ugly… just the way I like it.

The premiere was absolutely great, despite the lack of Innovation Challenge. After watching, however, I’m glad they opted to do a Show-Us-Who-You-Are-As-A-Designer challenge first, because this way we really get a feel for each designer and what they’re going to bring to the runway. Based on their first creations, I can honestly say I’m excited to see what they’ll pull out, from dazzlingly sophisticated and glamorous, all the way to Uber-Fug.

I loved the fact that the show didn’t feel like a premiere. Trust me, after watching the first three seasons in about one week, I can honestly say that this episode felt like all the others. It was all: Hey Heidi, Hey Tim Gunn, Hey group of crazies that signed up to be tortured on National Television, let’s get started! I’m glad that the producers are brave enough to just stick to the formula. If it ain’t baroque, as they say.

I have no intention of doing consistent recaps this season, but since this is the premiere, and thus, a special occasion, I thought I would take a moment and rehash all of the looks that came down the runway, mostly so I can keep all these bitches straight.

Rami is already a successful stylist and designer, and he is so gracious about it, too. Wait, he designed for Jessica Alba? Really? I didn’t hear it the first 40 times he said it. I’m being hard on him actually, because he comes across more confident than arrogant, but we’ll have to see how long that lasts. Also? He’s unbelievably hot. Ya’ll know I have a thing for those ethnic types. Aaaaaanyway… I like this dress, and I have no problem with it winning the challenge, but I’m not sure how original it is. The solid color draped look has been making the rounds in Hollywood a lot recently, and I wasn’t the only one that thought, “This is sooo last season” when I saw it. Of course, this was filmed a few months ago, so maybe, again, I’m being hard on him. The positives are the color and the elegant fit; both are well chosen and well executed. And to be fair, it looked a lot less like a toga on the runway than it does in this picture. And by the way, I totally agreed with La Kors… the flower is maybe a bit overkill for this look.

This is the losing look, and frankly… yikes! Even the model looks ashamed. Poor Simone, she was going for a modern-historical-romance kind of look, and instead landed in a Harlequin Nightmare. The show made a big deal about her horrible execution, but I think the look was doomed from the start. That yellow band on the waist is glaring and totally out-of-context, and the jacket is out of proportion. The jacket made me look twice, and I’ll say here that I don’t hate it, but it’s poorly made and not suitable for the overall look. Unfortunately for Simone, the only thing she told us about herself as a designer is she’s colorblind and can’t sew. AUF!

Next is Christian, or the one with the dangerous looking hair. This garment was a close second to Rami’s, and I have to give it to him… this is definitely different. I love the jacket because of the shape it makes, although I will confess that if I saw it coming down the street I’d choke on my apple juice. You can’t see the back in the picture, but the construction of the jacket is exquisite. Tim Gunn didn’t like the fact that the middle of the jacket was symmetrical while the sleeves were not, but… I honestly can’t see how it matters. Luckily, the judges didn’t harass him because of asymmetrical sleeves, so kudos to Christian for not wasting time on something like that. I’m not crazy about the skirt, mostly because the jacked up hem looks accidental, but the judges must have understood that anyone who can make a jacket like that wouldn’t possibly be able to screw up a hem. The lesson learned here is that a designer has to prove their sewing mettle before attempting really risky designs. I have to agree with La Nina on the color choices (not the best), but I think the design speaks for itself. My jury is still out on whether I like this kid personally. I’ll need to see him in action a little longer.

P.S. Someone please tell his model to stop shaving her legs in the dark. I mean, OUCH!

Next is Victorya… henceforth to be known as the girl that unnecessarily spells her name with a y. She had the third highest score for her black baby doll dress, and honestly… I don’t get it. It’s a black baby doll dress with a giant flower slapped on it. Is it really possible that the judges rewarded her for strapping the model’s arms to her body? Because that’s the only thing that stands out as original or interesting to me. Besides, isn’t function supposed to be a factor in fashion design? Well, that shows how much I know. I don’t hate the look at all, I guess I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. Moving on…

Here comes Ricky. He took the challenge literally and decided to construct a lingerie-reminiscent baby doll dress, because he designs lingerie for a living. It’s cute, but, like the judges said, not all that exciting. For the record, I got pissed that Victorya’s baby doll dressed was praised and worshiped while Ricky’s was scorned and stoned, but we’ve already covered that. I’m not thrilled about the lace around the neck, and the horizontal striped pattern was a tad risky, but all in all, Ricky totally deserved to stay.

This fistful of crazy is the brainchild of this season’s resident loon, Elisa. She’s the one that rubbed her fabric all over Central Park to imbue it with organic goodness. I wonder if her model was happy to be draped in essence of dog poo and homelessness? The sick thing is that the dress is completely and out-of-this-world fabulous, from the color to the silhouette to the fit. Why she decided to attach a monstrous multi-colored train to the back of it is a mystery. If she had just let go of the crazy and let the dress speak for itself, it might have won the challenge. Seriously! Well, the boots might have knocked a couple of points off, but hey, whatever. The point is, I’m actually excited to see what else Elisa comes up with. It will be entertaining, I’m sure.

This frock comes to us courtesy of Jillian, who seems to have a dance recital sort of aesthetic, based on this and what she wore in the episode. I think this dress is cute, but the color is very daring, almost to the point of inappropriate. And confidentially, the tutu is reminding me a little too much of something SJP would wear on Sex in the City, and that is usually not a good thing. I’ll probably enjoy Jillian’s stuff, provided she tones things down just a bit.

The sad news is I need to look up who did this, because I don’t even remember it from the episode. Oh, it’s Kevin. The only face time this guy got was dedicated to reassuring us that he’s straight. And you know, at this point, does something like that even matter? At first glance, this look is sort of boring, but upon closer inspection, I like the fabric choice for the corset and the balance between hard and soft. Granted, it looks like she’s wearing a corset made of armor, but for some reason, it works for me. The burgundy detailing on the top and bottom is a nice touch.

This is the fine work of Jack, our resident stud. They really wanted to ram that point home, so they took the time to edit in a good shot of him in his underwear. Oh, and they mentioned he has good abs. I’m glad he’s hot, because I doubt he’s long for this show. I’ve seen this dress a thousand times… at Target. It’s pretty, it’s feminine, it fits nicely, but there is zero originality. I also have a feeling he’s the type of designer that relies on prints to make a statement. Ulli from last season had the sewing chops and a great aesthetic to supplement her print-love, but the judges still gave her trouble for it.

I can’t believe they found a guy that designs for drag queens! This dress is by Chris, who works for the stage, specifically the stage in your neighborhood gay bar. He had a rough first episode, mostly because reality TV loves to pick on the fat guy. And seriously, why did we start the first challenge with a foot-race? If Chris wanted to be on the Amazing Race he would have called up his hag and signed up for it. As luck would have it, he seemed happy with the slim pickings left over from the frenzy and created this little number. It definitely looks like a stage outfit… colorful and dramatic. I like it, but I’m sure the judges are going to rail on him for his taste levels further on in the competition. Funny story, he mentioned in his confessional that he once made a dress out of salad ingredients. At least we know he’s a shoe-in for the innovation challenges. There’s no doubt he’s creative, but creative isn’t far from fugly in this competition.

I hated this one. First of all, I can see the hem issues from here. Second, the skirt looks like he tied the upholstery from his car around the poor girl’s waist and cinched it with a telephone cable. I do not understand the cords connecting the skirt to her shoulders… I mean, what are they? Suspenders? Oh, by the way, this disgrace is by Marion, the flower shop owner. I cannot believe the judges let this one slip past them, and in my heart of hearts, I want to believe they did not, we just didn’t get it see it.

Don’t yell at me, but I actually like this dress from a purely visual perspective. The print of the dress is really engaging, not to mention a little unconventional, so that shows she’s not scared to try different prints. The red ‘thing’ is appealing because it’s this hard, sharp element juxtaposed with the simple background of a black dress. This is one of those garments that I would really struggle with if my best friend was trying to wear it out to the mall, but on the runway, I thought it had impact. Kit, the designer, fancies herself a designer with a Rock/Punk aesthetic, so I was surprised to see something so put together and quasi-sophisticated from her.

The designer of this number is Steven, and he works in a museum. Is that why his model looks like a librarian? Albeit a sexy librarian? I think this look is great and all, but it is sooo 80’s working woman. I swear there are shoulder pads in that thing. She’s totally about to untie her hair, strip down to a bikini, and lip-synch to Hair Metal. The upside is it’s incredibly well made, so it isn’t the execution forcing him to be so derivative.

Speaking of derivative, Carmen’s work just smacks of… well… so many things. I can’t put my finger on any of them, but I’m not sure that changes how I feel. I mean, Ok, there’s something distinctly Asian about it, and there’s something elfish about it, too. Ah, got it. It reminds me of some of the costumes the elves wear in Lord of the Rings (and I unfortunately cannot find a picture to back myself up) but there’s also an inkling of the stone soldiers of China (and this time I CAN!). Basically, I can’t support this particular look, maybe because of the hair, or possibly because of the giant shoulder thingees, or perhaps because she’s wearing genie pants (is she too legit to quit?). Seriously, if it wasn’t for the giant orange ribbon chocking the model, I would have taken her for Aladdin’s understudy in Disney on Ice.

We close with our third baby doll dress, the second of which did not get barfed on by the judges (BOO!). This is Sweet P’s (really? Sweet P? alrighty then…) version of the perennial favorite, accented with a red ribbon. Is it just me, or is the fit a little off. I feel like it’s making the model look thick at the waist. Bottom line, I think this is one of the more home-made looking ones in the bunch… the design is unoriginal, the fabrics are pretty but put together in an uninspired way, and the fit is sort of maybe not quite right.

Yay! That was fun. See ya’ll next week!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm so confused

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for some time – and I’m surprised I haven’t, because it’s really been “dogging” me. The question is: when I have my own place and I’m settled and fabulous, will I get a pet? And if I do, will it be a dog or a cat?

I mean, what's cuter?...


And what's scarier?...


Here’s the thing (or things, really)… I LOVE dogs. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them. When they’re on TV, I automatically get emotional. When I see them in people’s cars, I stare and try to get their attention. When I’m walking past people walking their dogs on the street, I greet the dog. When a dog comes up to me at a park or whatever, I actually consider puppy-snatching, and my brain goes through the likely scenarios (will I make it to my car before the owner can catch up?) (but I never do it – the point is I think about it). Basically, dogs make me smile. No, they make my HEART smile, and it really is as cheesy and sickly sweet as it sounds.

A great many of my best memories from childhood are wrapped up in my dog, Beauregard (wasn't he gorgeous?), who passed away a couple of years ago. He really was the best damn dog that ever walked the Earth, and I know everyone thinks that about their pets, but I’m right about this, so shut up. The idea of having that again (warm fuzzy ears, wet sloppy nose, and destructive whip-lashing tail)… well, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.

Cats, on the other paw, are very mysterious to me. There are no cat people in my family whatsoever, and I’ve never coexisted with a cat for more than a few days at a time. I think they’re sort of fabulous… not in the same way as dogs, but in ways I can definitely appreciate. I like that they’re independent and relatively self-sufficient. I like that they have attitudes, very distinct likes and dislikes, taste and style. Where dogs are predictable, cats are enigmatic, and that is undeniably appealing to me.

The main difference between the two seems to be encapsulated in the role of their owners. Dogs NEED their owners; cat owners NEED their cats. Or that’s how it seems to me. I think both relationships are probably equally fulfilling, but I have to decide which will be best for me.

If I’m being honest, my first choice would always be a dog, but when I think about what a dog needs besides the basic food, shelter, love, etc., I get a little worried. A dog needs exercise, lots of attention, and most importantly, he needs to do his business outside, which sort of requires supervision. I know a well-trained dog can make it from 8 to 5 without going potty in the house, but anything past that might be unfair (and painful). I’m not sure I want to have to run home right after work everyday to make sure Fido isn’t redecorating the carpets in lovely browns and yellows. I’m aware that plenty of people do leave their dog shut up in the house all day, or at least fenced or chained outside, but I don’t have that option because I plan on having an apartment. It’s my choice to bring a dog into my home, and if I feel like it might be too much for me, I probably shouldn’t do it, right?

Cats don’t seem to require as much attention and time. They do their business whenever they want. You can train them to be perfectly content staying indoors their whole lives. They don’t need or want the physical, energy-draining exercise, and they don’t seem to mind when they’re left alone for long periods of time. In fact, some of them act like they don’t need an owner at all, and wouldn’t be bothered if their owner just… disappeared. That is, until dinner time.

In a way, I think a cat might be the perfect choice for me. It’s companionship with half the responsibility. But I know I will miss the affection and submissiveness that only dogs can provide. My cat-loving co-worker assured me that cats can be - and often are - very affectionate, but when I went over to her apartment to meet her brood (three of them), I didn’t see affection… I saw roommates. I think she may have a different definition of the word affection than I.

As I re-read this, I realize I’ve made cat-keeping sound extraordinarily easy and carefree, which I know it isn’t. Cats have their needs, too. (Just wanted to clear that up.) When I was discussing this conundrum with that same office-worker, I saw her jaw clenching as I confessed some of my completely uninformed biases towards cats. I really thought she was about to scratch my eyes out (appropriately enough). Luckily, instead of attacking me, she educated me about all the joy there is in owning a cat, and I came away from the conversation enlightened – and no blood was shed. However, I still had reservations. My biggest fear is getting a cat and finding out I can’t stand them. What if I don’t bond with him at all? I’m seriously not interested in orphaning an animal, even though I would definitely do everything in my power to place him in a better home.

Here’s where I am now: based on the conversations I’ve had with some cat owners and the lifestyle I plan on adopting when I live alone, a cat seems to be the better choice for companionship. Since I don’t know if I even like cats, is it fair to put a cat through a test run? If I want a guinea pig, shouldn’t I just… get a guinea pig? Do I seem like the kind of person that can handle a cat? Is there any hope that I can be converted into a cat fancier?

So there it is. What should I do? And don’t say, “There’s always goldfish.” Or… do, but understand it will make me cry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They sew, She cuts, and I blog...

Hose me down and slap me twelve times… Project Runway starts tonight! Seriously, my heart is beating faster… can you feel that… something may be wrong with me… but then, why does it feel so right?? This season is long overdue. What’s it been, a year and a half? That’s too long to wait for anything much less the best reality show on television (if not THE best show on television PERIOD!).

In celebration and anticipation and exultation of Season 4, I have busied myself with watching the first three seasons back to back to back, because 1. marathons get me in the spirit, 2. I need something in the background while I crochet the ripple afghan of death, and 3. this show just never gets old for me.

I discussed the show with a friend of mine recently, and we agreed that what makes Project Runway so great is the constant and unflappable focus on the clothes. Even with all the human drama (Wendy Pepper, Santino, Vincent, Angela (Jubilee Jumbles)), the show never wavers from its goal of promoting the creative, the driven, and the new. Thus, it comes as no surprise that after almost a year of seeing absolutely no episodes, old or new, I remember very little about the people on the show or the things they said or did to one another. Rather, I remember the amazing clothes they created.

And of course, I have my favorites. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other totally amazing garments, I mean, there was always at least one in each episode, but over the course of three seasons, some stand out for me as being truly inspired/creative/awesome. Let's bring out the models...

Season 1

Austin Scarlett won the first challenge ever on Project Runway, which happened to be the Innovation Challenge. This challenge has become my favorite part of every season because it forces the designers out of their comfort zones by asking them to use stuff other than fabric and sewing machines. You can’t prepare for something like that. Well, maybe now you could. The designers of Season 4 will expect a wicked curve ball for the first challenge, but the Season 1 guys had no idea what hit them. Heidi asked them to make a glamorous evening gown… with her groceries. While the other contestants picked up construction materials like rubber, plastic, and…brooms (?), Austin headed over to produce. The result was a truly inspired dress that, in a weird way, changed the world. This dress is still the most famous dress ever made on Project Runway, and I’m sure it will stay that way.

You would have to watch the episode to see this dress in all its magnificence because by the time it hit the runway, the corn husks were shriveled and dry. But, you know, the dress is still freakin’ fantastic. The dried out feel almost adds something; it makes the dress darker… sadder… like it actually has something to say other than, “Hey! Look at me. I’m a dress made out of corn!”

Season 2’s Innovation Challenge was the infamous Clothes-Off-Your-Back challenge, and Season 3 gave us the Wall to Wall Challenge (in which the designers used their apartments {furniture, bedding, fixtures} as source material) and the Recycling Challenge, but Austin set the proverbial bar incredibly high. You can tell by the judges’ reactions that this is what they meant by Innovation. My excitement about tonight’s premier has a lot to do with the fact that it will probably be an Innovation Challenge. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re my favorite.

My other pick from Season 1 would have be Jay McCarroll’s entry for the Banana Republic Holiday Dress Challenge. He explained that he was inspired by a picture of the Chrysler Building that hung in the workroom, and it was so neat (for lack of a better word) to see how the building translated seamlessly into a beautiful, wearable, impeccable dress.

Jay didn’t win this challenge, unfortunately (Damn you, Wendy Pepper), but this was the episode he broke out of his shtick and proved to the world he had the skillz to be the winner of Project Runway… which he eventually was.

Season 2

Season 2 is really special. Some of my favorite characters and challenges and TimGunnisms and just… sigh. Good times. Anyway, one of the things about the season that really made me warm and fuzzy was the friendship and camaraderie that developed between my gay boys, namely Nick, Daniel V, Andrae, and Santino. Their friendships fizzled as they were eliminated, but for the first few weeks they seemed to be having the greatest time ever, and I think I would have killed to have been part of something like that. Anyway, when the season first aired, I was Santino’s biggest critic. He struck me as obscenely arrogant and his clothes just made no sense to me. However, when I stuck in the DVDs and watched the episodes back to back, he came across as funny and self-deprecating and… even lovely… at times. Maybe when the show was airing, all that time in between episodes gave me and other like-minded people time to fester and percolate in our hatred, especially when the judges kept him over our favorites, so we demonized him on the daily until there was nothing to do but root against him with every fiber of our beings. I regret all that, and, personally, I consider myself rehabilitated. While I still don’t understand the clothes, I think the judges were right to keep him in almost every case, because even when his clothes were decidedly off the mark, they always had something new and unique to say. Santino always had his voice. It was just that sometimes… it was really unpleasant.

So, my favorite dress of the season, and maybe even my favorite dress of this show ever, might have to be Nick Verreos’s dress for the Barbie Challenge.

I mean, talk about nailing it! Barbie is a little fantastic; at least I’ve always thought so. I never really knew any girls that actually wanted to dress like her, even if they oohed and ahhed over her clothes. The clothes are like elves and fairies, really pretty (almost to the point of hypnotizing), but utterly impractical and unrealistic. That’s the whole point. Barbie IS a fantasy, and Nick captured that perfectly. I love everything about this dress: the print, the green, the head wrap, and the fact that it’s being walked by one of the best models in Project Runway history (Work it, Tarah!).

Even though he ended up the bridesmaid instead of the bride, Daniel Vosovic really was the true stand out of the season. He quite literally blossomed before our very eyes.

This was the outfit he put together for the Inspiration Challenge, in which the contestants walked around the city snapping photos, picked the one that inspired them the most, and crafted a garment that captured the inspiration story from beginning to end. Daniel V. snapped a photo of an orchid in a square vase in the lobby of their building. Now some haters out there gave him crap because it doesn’t seem like a huge leap to be inspired by a pretty flower, but to me, that just seems like they’re asking for someone to have inspired inspiration, which sounds really hard. He saw a pretty flower and it inspired him to create a pretty dress. That doesn’t seem boring or uncreative to me at all; it seems rational. Anyway, this outfit isn’t one that anyone could just wear, but I remember thinking that it captured the spirit of the flower so beautifully, and his inspiration story made perfect sense to me.

Maybe Daniel V. has a thing for flowers, or maybe I have a thing for Daniel V. and flowers, but my other favorite dress from this season is Daniel V’s Garden Party Dress. This challenge was sort of like Season 2’s Innovation Challenge Part Deux. The designers were taken to the flower district and informed they would have to create a cocktail dress out of flowers and shrubbery. All the designers seemed haunted by the famous Cornhusk dress and avoided anything too colorful, fearing that it would wilt and look dead. The result was a dazzling display of green on the runway. Now, I liked every single dress that came down the catwalk on this challenge, but the judges were right to pick Daniel’s for the win. It was the only one with an inspired splash of floral color.

The purple flowers dripping down the side of the dress and collected on the bust… it’s just perfection; understated, feminine, and gorgeous. The basket weave bodice ain’t bad, either.

Season 3

Ya’ll, Season 3 was really hard on me. I struggled the entire season trying to pick someone to love. I don’t know if it was the clothes or their personalities, but I spent the entire season feeling luke-warm about everyone. At the end of it all, I was mostly just pulling for anyone but Jeffrey. Jeffrey was so weird, because I found myself liking him personally towards the end, especially when he got stung by that cheating scandal. (Sidebar: I believe he totally cheated. But honestly, with the time constraints and the lack of oversight, I mean, I probably would have, too. I’m not saying he’s right or that I’m Ok with what he did. I’m just saying nobody could prove it, so if he did cheat, at least he cheated correctly… if there is such a thing). But my turnaround in personal feelings towards him didn’t change the fact that I hated his clothes. I honestly didn’t like a single thing he sent down the runway during the challenges. His runway show was a different story; it was fabulous… but that almost made me feel even more incomplete. Clearly, I can’t communicate these emotions well.

One of the few good things to come out of Season 3 was Michael Knight. I love him, still do. His clothes were sporty and sexy, and consistently so, and for a while he seemed to be the darkhouse, despite his inexperience. In fact, his lack of experience and personal style didn’t finally catch up with him until the very end, when he started to confuse his own greatness with that of the clothes. I’m not saying he got arrogant, not at all… he just knew he was doing very well and getting lots of praise. That tends to breed a sort of recklessness that can get out of control very quickly. I think we saw that recklessness in his final collection. He lost focus and, thus, style, so his collection came across as dizzy and, dare I say, tacky. But he had a good run…

This unheralded ditty from the Fashion’s Best Friend Challenge, in which designers had to design a woman’s wear look and a corresponding look for the cutest damn puppies you ever done saw, is lovely for so many reasons. The fabric and color are great, just to get that out of the way, but the top of the dress is just phenomenal. The criss-crossing above the bust is elegant and interesting, and most importantly, NOT OVERDONE! Michael seemed to have a sense of restraint in these early challenges.

And here’s his wonderful dress from the Black and White Challenge. I remember thinking that he had the perfect model for this dress, because ya’ll know a white girl would have looked a hot mess in it. But this model, whatever her name happens to be, is FIERCE! I particular love the belting… if you look closely, he did… something to it to give it this amazing three-dimensional texture. Plus, it fits her like a dream, and she was able to flaunt all of her business down the runway; the perfect example of model/garment symbiosis – they bring out the best in each other.

My other favorite from Season 3 would have be Kayne. Truly, he’s the gayest of the gays in Gaytown, but I really responded to his stuff when he wasn’t being completely campy and over the top. My favorite dress of his is the one he designed for future Cokewhore, but then-Miss USA, Tara Conners for her appearance in the Miss Universe pageant. I don’t know if the producers knew they would have a pageant designer on the show before they planned the challenge, but if there was ever a challenge that was so suited for one particular contestant, it’s this one. And like a true queen, Kayne delivered a truly beautiful gown.

An honorable mention just has to be given to Kayne’s gown for the Icon Challenge, in which the designers had to modernize the look of a famous fashion icon. Kayne got really lucky and wound up with Marilyn Monroe as his muse, but instead of just glaming and sexing all over the place, he took Marilyn’s look to a very dark, seductive, almost menacing place.

He used leather and sheer fabric to create a beautiful silhouette, and the finished product was very succinctly described as ‘Goth Marilyn’. Besides the impeccable fit and make of the gown, it showed Kayne’s ability to design for impact and surprise, without winding up with a fistful of tacky.

So there they are, my favorite dresses thus far. I hope Season 4 gives me just as much gleeful and wanton joy as the previous three. Let’s start the show!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I still don't think I'm obsessed, but...

I couldn't help but stumble upon these mentions of Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe. I'm starting to think I'm less obsessed with Harry Potter and more obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe... and I'm Ok with that.

First... it's official. Daniel Radcliffe and his fine ass will make their Broadway debut late next year. Here's the article. Ok, remember when we joked about going to London to see Equus but were never really serious? This time, I'm dead serious. Fact: I will get tickets. Fact: I will see this play in New York, even if it means going alone. Fact: It would be more more funner with a friend or two. So if you're thinking of hitting the comment button and typing something like, "OMG let's totally do it!" or "Hell yeah!" I want you to back away from the computer and really think about it, because if you do type any such thing there will be a ticket waiting for you and you are not allowed to back out! Only say it if you mean it, people! DO NOT TOY WITH ME!

In much sadder news, the tabloids are pretty sure Dan Rad is off the market. He's allegedly dating some girl that understudied for the girl who he had on-stage simulated sex with in Equus. That's so... predictable! I haven't been this upset since I found out Justin Timberlake was dating Cameron Diaz. I guess I was holding out hope that he might end up pulling a Dumbledore, but we can't win 'em all, I suppose.

And finally, some new pictures. I swear he gets cuter and cuter. I was so glad to see these pop up on the internet, because lately all of the pictures have been rather frightening...

Ok, he's still sexy... maybe it's just the novelty of it all... or the porn-stache.
Here are the cute new pics...