Friday, June 12, 2009

Greeting, Internets…

Long time, huh??

To make a long story short: my computer is a piece of shit and I hate it.

To make a long story long: Back in March, my computer contracted a nasty little virus. It mocked me and teased me and made me feel like less of a person. I haven’t encountered bullying of this magnitude since middle school. However, just as in life, I overcame the virus/bully with fortitude and elbow grease (I erased Internet Explorer and downloaded Firefox, which is supposed to be better about virus prevention). So my computer was fixed (ish) but I was rather unnerved and vexed about the whole thing, and my time online decreased significantly (it didn’t help that all I was blogging about was Dancing with the Stars, which was fun, but I have a tendency to lose steam with those recaps, as you’ve probably noticed). And then, about halfway through the month of May, Firefox, which had been running like a champ, allowed the granddaddy of all computer viruses to attack, plunder, and disembowel my computer like a one of those rogue assassins you hear about on TV, and all I could do was watch helplessly as it hijacked my internet connection, f*cked with all of my settings, and erased half of my shit. Indeed, this grown man surely did cry.

Now I could take you through all the details of how I attempted to rectify the situation, but that’s boring. All you need to know is after several consultations with wise and learned peeps all over town, my computer was pronounced dead, or at least so badly damaged that the cost of repair would be equal to or greater than the cost of a new machine. It was like the virus was actually a bus and it had run over my hard drive extremely slowly multiple times. T to the O to the taled.

So that should explain why I haven’t posted in almost three months. A year or two ago, this wouldn’t have been the end of the blog, because I did most of my blogging at work, but now… what with all of my new responsibilities and the INCREDIBLY FAT RAISE I GOT, spending time writing about TV shows and books and movies and hot guys just isn’t in my job description.

It also sucks that I can’t take the time to participate in my friends’ blogs as much as I used to, but know that I still read and follow faithfully when I quickly plow through my Google Reader during my lunch hour. Just imagine that after every single one of your posts, I’ve commented with a heartfelt LOL or a CONGRATS ON YOUR GOOD NEWS or THIS IS A GOOD POST or a LOVE!! Because I am totally doing that in spirit.

And you should also know that I’m saving my pennies for a new computer (a MAC, because I can’t deal with this virus shit EVER AGAIN!), and once I have them the blogging will recommence with a vengeance. That might not happen until frikkin’ Halloween, but it WILL happen. Until then… Ryan D. aka Reeva Dubois.