Friday, October 31, 2008

Reeva Dubois’s Depression Survival Kit: Part 1 – Pop Divas

I shouldn’t have to explain how or why I love Pop Divas. I’m gay so it’s kind of a given. I think it’s in the by-laws.

It’s been a huge year for my favorite female pop acts. Earlier in the year, we had new stuff from Britney, Madonna, Robyn, Kylie and Cyndi Lauper. Now, I have the pleasure of sifting through new stuff from Britney (prolific, isn’t she?), Lady Gaga, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Christina, Pink, Keri Hilson… and (SQUEEEEE) Beyonce.

The new videos and singles have been shooting out of my computer like poison darts of pop pleasure, and I’ve been hard pressed to keep up. I’m tempted to do a massive video post (which I’ll probably do later), but now I just want to talk about Beyonce. Why? Because her new video for Single Ladies is, like… the best video I’ve ever seen.

This video is like crack for me. Seriously. I have to watch it once an hour or so. The first time I saw it, I was sitting at my computer with my eyes bugging out of my head, maybe with a little bit of drool coming out of my mouth, paralyzed by the FIERCE!

The Song
To be completely honest, the song barely registered with me at first; I was hypnotized by the amazing legs and Beyonce’s crazy metal glove. But I gotta say, this song is insanely catchy – it’s like Beyonce sneezed and then shook my hand. I didn’t know it was happening, but now I have the song totally memorized.

The Styling
The matching black leotards against the black, white and gray backgrounds are sharp and sleek. The hair piled on top and flowing down the back is simultaneously sexy and super-classy. The decision to film in black and white on a bare soundstage is genius; all the attention is on the choreography.

The Choreography
Shut up! I mean, just SHUT UP! Best choreography I’ve ever seen. There isn’t a single arbitrary step. Every movement reflects the words. Every series of movements reflects the music. There is inevitability to the motions, from the opening steps to the final pose. It’s all about the ring and what this crazy man is missing because he didn’t put it on Beyonce.

The Concept
Ok, so the idea of a Diva with two sexy hench-ladies isn’t new, but the amazing chemistry these three ladies have together quite literally blasts out of the screen. Not to mention all three are amazing dancers with killer bodies. I’ve already mentioned the legs, but I can’t emphasize it enough – those stems almost made me straight. Anyway, what I love about all of it is this: everything makes sense. Every creative choice, from the lighting, to the camera movements, to Beyonce’s one bare shoulder – it’s all flawless. This is a case of everything just working. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go practice. I’m learning the choreography so I can show it off at the clubs. I’m pretty sure that’s in the by-laws, too.

Who am I kidding? I’m not even close to being done with this. Here are some of my favorite moments…

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