Thursday, February 19, 2009

MVD 2-19-09 The Bird and the Bee / Love Letter to Japan

How dumb is it that I’m calling this a Music Video of the Day when I haven’t posted an MVD since last June? That’ll learn me to start things I have no intention of finishing.

Anyway – I’m obsessed with this song. It’s off The Bird and the Bee’s second album, entitled Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future. If you haven’t heard of The Bird and the Bee, it’s a pair of indie pop artists named Greg Kurstin and Inara George. Inara is the vocalist and her stylings are breathy and seductive and sweet, qualities which are very appropriate for the retro, throwback vibe they’re going for, but also ironic and satirical when she sings songs with lyrics like, “Would you be my f*cking boyfriend?”

Most of their stuff is a kind of mélange of retro styles (lounge, psychedelia, folk, jazz) infused with electro-pop and dance. In other words: heaven. Today’s selection, however, falls into the pure pop category.

I’ve been humming and singing and caterwauling the chorus around the office for the past week or so, and my co-workers are none too pleased. I think they’re having flashbacks of the Womanizer era, a time when not even the hounds of hell could stop me from constantly chanting the chorus of Britney’s first single from Circus. After a brief, yet exhaustive meeting (we meet about everything, don’t you know?), they decided that although this new phase was annoying, it was infinitely better than before, because at least this song has a few more words besides ‘womanizer’ and ‘oh, oh, oh’. While they credit me for my personal growth, I was warned that this junk would most definitely be coming up on my evaluations. I wonder: is it illegal to discriminate against one’s pop music preferences?

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