Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Li'l Sis isn't so li'l anymore...

So Li'l Sis is 21. (As of Feb. 3)

I sort of can't take it. I remember the day she was born for God's sake. And what a happy day that was. Big Bro and I were overjoyed... at least until she came home and boggarted all the parental attention. I KID!!

I'm so lucky to have a Li'l Sis that I also consider a best friend. Not only is she not embarassed to be seen with me in public, she also confides in me and seems to give a crap about what I think. Not that she needs much guidance... she's pretty awesome on her own.

GAWD, I can't believe she's TWENTY-ONE!! Time is moving way too fast for yours truly. I'm happy, though, because, like a fine wine, she's gotten better with age. I am constantly and consistently impressed with her maturity, tenacity, and grace. Let's face it, ya'll... Li'l Sis is fierce. Wait, Tyra does it better than I.

Oh, you will totally love what I made for her...

As some may recall, a monogrammed scarf was commissioned for her trip to Spain in January. Many believed I wouldn't be able to produce it in time, and well, they were right. I totally blew it. So sorry. It's a good thing she had a birthday coming up, because I was able to parlay the scarf into a birthday present.

Here it is, in all its finished glory.

The picture doesn't accurately capture how HEEEEUGE this garment is... It's five feet long and about 8 inches across, knitted in the round. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best way to approach it (I think if it appeared on Project Runway, Nina would scoff at the construction... Well, SORRY, Nina. Maybe it doesn't look finished, but I assure you, I'm finished with it), but the upside is that it is very thick and warm, and crosses very attractively at Li'l Sis's waist.

While it was supposed to be a scarf, Li'l Sis is calling it her new scarf/shawl/wearable blanket, when really, it's probably more like a stole. Who knew I could make a stole? I did. And there's the proof.

Anyhoodle, Happy Birthday, Li'l Sis. I love you!!


boggscn said...

oh brother...you got me right in the feelings. You're MY BEST FRIEND! Call me every five minutes! I lurve you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your L'il Sis, Reeva! Nice job on the "stole". I made a scarf that big, too, not monogrammed, mind you, but it's HEEEUGE! I don't know why everything looks so small while on the needles, but when I take the project off, it seems to double in size. :)

Erin G said...

look! you found a way to make your cuts after all. yay! :)

Reeva*Dubois said...

Li'l Sis - I lurve you right back!

Mary - I call it the incredible expandible knitting. It reminds me of those capsules you get in toy stores which expand into sponges when you put them in warm water. Do you know what I'm talking about? No?

Erin - Yay for cuts. Girl, it was kinda hard, though.