Monday, August 18, 2008

Jakey-kins… is that you??

I know these shots are a little bit old, and any and all Gyllenhaal enthusiasts have already seen them, but I just had to post these pictures. I was kind of surprised to see him looking so buff, though, because from the little that I know about the videogame, the Prince isn’t necessarily a huge specimen – but I’m not complaining. Like, at all.

The long hair is something to consider. When the pictures of Jake with the longer hair started surfacing a few weeks back, I was not a fan – mostly because it looked like he wasn’t washing it regularly. But here, it totally works.

I’m glad Jake seems to recognize who is paying his bills. If Brokeback didn’t secure 100% of the gay demographic, this movie should grab the stragglers. He knows his fanbase, and we soooo appreciate it.

And Helllllloooooo codpiece.

Past fav pics of Jakey-kins, after the jump…


Erin G said...

he'd BETTER be filming something. no one should have that haircut unless they're getting paid. ew.

Dande said...

My first thought upon seeing these shots was 'When did Jake Gyllenhal get ripped and hot?' I asked this very question of my sis-in-law and she told me he's always been ripped and hot.

I thought he was a skinny dork at one time.

And this movie... the Prince... is Jake doing Prince of Persia? I didn't even realize they were turning that into a film!

But I'm willing to buy my tickets early!