Monday, September 15, 2008


Britney was all over the news today, and for good reason, I suppose. Her comeback is right on track – she didn’t embarrass herself at the VMAs this time, she won three awards for her Piece of Me video (which, really?), and she’s been getting consistently good press. Today, or maybe yesterday, she officially confirmed the release date for her new album, entitled Circus. It will drop on December 2, 2008 (earlier than expected), and the first single will be on the radio by next week.

Clearly, I’m super-mega-falling-over-myself excited about all of this. But I was never one of those people who doubted her. I’ve always had faith in my girl. And seriously, there was nowhere to go but up.

So, there’s that. And I don’t mean to steal Britney’s thunder or anything, but I ran across something else today, which made me jump out of my chair and babble incoherently. It might have looked like I was having a seizure. (Between us, my office-mate is still shaking). Check it…

That’s right. There’s another Diva releasing an album in the coming months, and her name is Enya.

What a year… new Madonna, new Britney, AND new Enya. And they say God has no love for the gays. READ THE SIGNS PEOPLE!!


Mary said...

OMG! A new ENYA album! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Woot! Woot! And doesn't she always look so dramatic and fabulous and romantic in her outfits? I wonder if this is her regular look or if she just has a stupendous stylist.

Thanks for the good news, Reeva!

Erin G said...

oh, I'm exctied for BOTH of those! yay, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't know what was going on in the music world if it weren't for you.