Thursday, May 15, 2008

SJP, newest member of the Ministry of Silly Hats...

So, Viv called me the other day and we had just the most uproariously riotous conversation about Sarah Jessica Parker and arboreal headgear.

Apparently, the London Premiere of her new movie was the perfect time to inform the general public that she is not only obsessed with fashion, shoes, and boy-faced character actors, but also… horticulture as it applies to madhattery.

I know I’m late posting this, it happened two days ago, but I had to post it for posterity. Everytime I come to my blog I want to see this in all of its quirky, foolish, crazy-ass glory.

While I may want to remember this, I’m sure SJP’s costars would love to forget. I mean, can you imagine having to stand next to her on the red carpet, straining to keep a straight face? And what is to be done about the swarm of very confused bees following her into the theatre?

In all fairness, the dress is pretty… in a wood nymph, skipping through the meadow kind of way. And the hat, as a piece, is rather interesting. But as a hat? I don’t know. It’s hard to take it seriously because… I just can’t stop laughing at it. I think the acorn cap is the best part. It’s like Sarah Jessica Parker bloomed out of it upside down, like a fabulous, couture wearing, oak tree in reverse.


Mary said...

That's priceless, Reeva. I think it looks like the centerpiece from a table - the one you keep ducking around in order to talk to the person across from you. :)

Reeva*Dubois said...

You're totally right, Mary!

Hey, SJP! Put that craziness back on the dining room table where it belongs! :-)

Erin G said...

too funny! what a great post! :)

wonder who had to sit behind her at the movie? no one would dare to ask sjp to take off a hat that, to her at least, MAKES the outfit.