Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Technical Details...

I have some blogger maintenance announcements to make, but don’t stress… you won’t have to update your feeds or bookmarks or anything inconvenient like that. I’ve decided to close my old site at LiveJournal for good. I haven’t updated there in a several months, (since coming over to Blogger), and I’m liking it so much over here (once I got everything kinda, sorta figured out) that I don’t see the need in maintaining both.

So, what I plan to do over the course of the next few weeks is go through three years worth of posts over on LJ and pick some of my favorites and re-post them here. I know it’s kind of self-indulgent to repeat, but I think post-dating gets confusing. Think of it as The Greatest Hits of Reeva Dubois.

Also, a few of my LJ friends have successfully followed me over here to Blogger, and I really appreciate that -- it means a lot to me. Others, however, I haven’t heard from in quite some time, which… sad face. I hope they do find their way over here eventually, and I promise to update my Google Feed Reader with their journals to keep up with them. Basically, I’m not interested in losing readers and friends, but I think I’ve done everything except mass email my new URL, and I’m trying not to be obnoxious about it.

All of this to say, if you’re following this blog on a feed reader, be prepared for an onslaught of posts that may or may not be interesting or contextually relevant.

Finally, great news! I’ve passed the 650 unique visitors mark on this here web page, and if I understand how all of these web statistics work (which I probably don’t), that’s pretty darn good for three months, considering I don’t advertise. I read somewhere (I’m always reading things somewhere), and here’s a juicy nugget… Some researcher combined statistics from the major blog patforms (LiveJournal, Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress) and found that the average number of unique hits on all blogs was (wait for it…) one. I wasn’t expecting that, honestly. So I’m perfectly happy with my 650 unique hits, and I’m glad to see that people are finding my site AND coming back again later. It’s doing wonders for my self-esteem, if you really want to know.


Mary said...

Whoa! Just buzzed over from Bloglines and found your site has turned blue! Is it out of oxygen? ;) Don't you love playing with the look of your blog?

Congrats on reaching the 650 mark. Now, of course, you must be over that, what with me popping in and your other blog buddies. Interesting stat about most blogs averaging only one unique hit. Like you, I'm feeling pretty good about my blog stats. Cheers, Reeva!

Erin G said...

now if only some of those people would start commenting! they must not know how much you love conversation. thrive on it, actually.

I just found another of your lukrers. My bro-in-law (I'm using his computer on vacation this week) has your page in his history, so I know he's reading too. Nick - if you're reading this comment, YOU should comment! (He doesn't even comment on mine, though, so I bet he's a lurker for life. Mark too. Must be a brother thing.)

Reeva*Dubois said...

I *heart* and embrace and cherish the lurkers, though. But you're right, Erin, I do love a good back and forth. I figure I lurk on so many sites that it isn't right to beg for comments ;-)

And Mary - that's so funny that you said "out of oxygen" because I thought the same thing. Great minds, huh? What I would really like is a deep grape color, but that isn't one of the options and I'm too lazy to figure out how to do it for myself. This'll have to do until I'm ready to switch it up again. :-)

Anonymous said...

I check you out up on the desktop upstatirs about once a week while Maddie watches Sesame St. So I'm still here! And apparently you've grown quite POP-you-luhr!

Sue Parsons

Reeva*Dubois said...

Oh YAY, Sue! Glad to see you here!

Keep in touch, k? :-)