Thursday, June 19, 2008

MVD 6-19-08 Cyndi Lauper / Into the Nightlife...

I’ve never been a huge Cyndi Lauper fan, which is weird because I was most certainly a child of the 80’s. And of course I love Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (I have the ringtone!). I guess I just didn’t know much about her.

When her new album, Bring Ya to the Brink came out a week or two ago, I bought it on a whim because Amazon described as a dance/pop/club album, and I’m such a sucker for dance music. Ya’ll – best. Impulse. Purchazzie. EVER!

My favorite song on the album (and the first single) is called Into the Nightlife. Plug in the earphones, turn up the volume, close your eyes…

You can ask any of my friends – I don’t do clubs, but if the music is always like this, I would definitely like them more.

And seriously, I love that lyric:

Shirtless wonders wreck my sight… I’m now officially a Fan!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Erin G said...

I don't love dancing either, but this song is SO FUN! It doesn't trump Miley for my favorite dance song out right now, though. It's definitely treadmill-worthy, though. (That's how my appreciation for club music manifests, since I don't love dancing.)

Reeva*Dubois said...

Oh, YES, this song is the perfect tempo for the treadmill... I can't help but pick up the pace during the chorus. The only downside... I'm so un-self-aware when I walk, I'm probably queening out all over my neighborhood. I get soooo into it. The neighbors are like, "There's that big MO again, strutting down our street. Honey, is that legal?"