Friday, March 21, 2008

Music Video of the Day, or MVD

I was browsing through the music video inventory at Yahoo, and I stumbled upon this little nugget, most likely due to the fact that I've been listening to Sarah Brightman's new album non-stop for almost a week, liking it immensely and hating myself for it simultaneously. Anyway, I searched for La Brightman and BEHOLD!

Ok, clearly, the Phantom isn't being played by Michael Crawford in this video. Instead, we're stuck with some guy who sounds like he's choking on his own oxygen supply. Funny story... I'm not even a huge Crawford fan, but he's the only Phantom I've ever been able to tolerate. Gerard Butler was sexy and creepy and strong in the movie version, but they forgot the whole singing thing during the audition process. And I've seen the show on stage, like, three times... and every Phantom has been atrocious. What's the deal? Is there some sort of Tenor shortage in musical theatre? Have the opera houses staged an embargo? Work it out because I can't take it anymore.

Anyway, this video made my laugh, because it's so bad. I think La Brightman as Christine is divine, but everything else is terrifying.

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Erin G said...

why do you hate yourself for listening to her album? Except for the phantom (I agree - not only is he barely approximating the right notes, his disction is TERRIBLE. He'd better be foreign or that's just not forgivable... "dyu-et" in particular makes me cringe), I like it - and her voice is liquidy and delicious. Does that even make sense?