Thursday, March 06, 2008

Project Runway Finale

So… were you happy with the outcome of Project Runway Season 4?

I’m spoiler sensitive, so… my thoughts are after the Read More!

I have to say, if I were either Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, or Vicky Beckham, I would have had a nervous breakdown. But seriously, I would totally be Heidi Klum for a day, and what a day it would be. I envy her so. Can you imagine being that tall? Or married to Seal? Or universally respected as a pretty person with a passable singing voice? Granted, I would eschew the bangs, because, WOW those look distracting, but, all things considered, she has an amazing life. AND she gets to hang out with Tim Gunn all day. I hate Heidi Klum sometimes.

What was I talking about?

CHRISTIAN WINS!! And good for him. Like I said before, I wouldn’t have been able to decide between these three incredibly talented people. It seemed a little weird picking a winner, because unlike previous seasons, they all succeeded masterfully in their respective aesthetics. Jillian’s collection was flirty, fun, and remarkably innovative (and also wearable). Rami’s collection blew my mind a little bit, and not just because I was taken aback by the lack of draping. He surprised me in a good way… the evening gowns at the end of this collection were particularly breathtaking. And then, Christian. His collection was sleek, new, and stylish. Clearly this kid knows exactly who he is as a designer, and even more surprising, he’s able to execute his vision. The whole season I was blown away by his artistic consistency. Most people his age can’t even communicate how they feel about breakfast burritos, but HE knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it. I’m tempted to say he’s a prodigy. That’s why I was never all that grossed out by his arrogance. This kid has the goods to back it up, so I say… brag away. And really, he couldn’t have been as full of himself as the show made him seem because everyone just adored him. You could tell. And somehow, I made it through that entire paragraph without using the word FIERCE.

Li’l Sis and I discussed the outcome right after the finale aired, and she was disappointed that Rami didn’t win. And I can’t say I disagree, entirely. My joy for Christian’s victory might be more of a personal attachment than a love of his work. Christian’s collection, for me, was cohesive and true to his vision, not to mention uber-fashionable, but none of the looks really spoke to me. And this one below just made me want a frappuchino really bad.

While Rami had some stand out looks , his collection wasn’t nearly as great, FOR ME, from start to finish. I didn’t respond to any of the first few looks at all, and only sort of liked the ones in the middle. But the evening gowns that comprised his finale? Frikkin’ gorgeous!

So I was a little bit sad for Rami. But I would bet my blog that he’ll have gowns on the red carpet very soon. Rumor has it Heidi has already commissioned some of his stuff. Seriously, can we talk about those gowns? Again? I can’t stop thinking about them. Gowns like that are why we have drag queens in the world, and I’m saying right here that if I got my hands on one of those gowns I would wear it in public and no one could stop me. Of course, I’d have to lose and gain some pounds in the right places, but a bitch will TRY.

For a season that was kind of Blah from challenge to challenge, this finale brought it to a thrilling end. I don’t think there has been a top 3 so evenly matched. I firmly believe that any of the three could have taken the prize, depending on the mood in the judging room, and I even more firmly believe that Vicky Beckham was the one who tipped the judges all the way over to Christian. She was, like, enraptured by Christian and his clothes, and I couldn’t help but feel like we had just witnessed the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The best news: they announced auditions for another season. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but there was a moment there when it wasn’t set in stone that there would be another season. I, for one, don’t even want to imagine life without this show, so I was most relieved to know Tim Gunn would be making the rounds again.


Erin G said...

I'm glad you're spoiler-sensitive. Especially for the rest of the world where everyone has a DVR and doesn't watch things live. (Do you like how I mention that at every opportunity?)

She goes by Vicky now? Wow.

I actually watch three episodes of this in DC last weekend, and LOVED it. I don't know anything about fashion (and don't care a lot, to be honest), but it was so fun to see the designers make beautiful (or not so much) garments from... nothing. I have an aesthetic appreciated for shows like this, if not a true founded interest.

Mary said...

I am SO NOT reading this until I see the final episode! Shame on me - I completely missed the last two and I had no excuse for missing the last one. I was home, I was ready, I got busy and I forgot. That is so not like me.

Where are those reruns?

Erin G said...

so apprently you're not the only one who needs a DVR, ryan! :)

Reeva*Dubois said...

Erin - I'm super happy you finally got to see this show! It's the best thing since Diet Coke - and that is high praise, indeed.

Mary - Hit me up when you finally watch. I'm dying to know if you agree with the outcome.

Mary said...

Ryan - I finally got to see the last half of the finale last night, which was the part that mattered. I saw the runway walks for all the collections and the judging. You are absolutely right about this being the one season where everyone was so evenly matched. All were meticulous in their construction; all has wonderful designs. I couldn't agree more on Rami's evening gowns. There was one with a woven top that I would kill baby armadillos for. Overall, of the three designers, I preferred Jillian's collection, mostly because all the pieces looked creative, but wearable. I'm cool with the fact that Christian won and I thought his feathered evening gown was stunning. It really did seem to turn on the judges' moods and Vicky's preference. It was killing me to choose a favorite collection at home, so you can imagine how hard it was for the judges to decide.

Now that I've shared my two-cents, I'd really like to see you in one of Rami's evening gowns. (My hubby laughed when I read that section to him.) :)