Thursday, April 10, 2008

Earth Shattering News!

Uh-oh. This worries Tim Gunn.

Project Runway has been bought or sold or traded or… something… the point is: Project Runway is moving to Lifetime. Ok, maybe it isn’t so Earth-shattering. But it’s a dark day for Bravo, that’s for sure. In the last few years, Bravo has turned itself into one of the best cable networks, in my opinion, thanks to a great bunch of well-produced, well-crafted, and well-received Reality Competitions like Project Runway. While some of them have been more misses than hits (Top Design, anyone? Or how about Shear Genius? To be fair, I watched those shows and liked them just fine, but even I know they weren’t going to win any Emmys), Bravo’s line-up of shows is very impressive. I love Top Chef (who doesn’t), and Make Me a Supermodel was actually pretty awesome at the beginning, until that mob of male models took over everything and made the show reek of male insecurity, shame, and I can only assume Axe Body Spray (and by the way, Go HOLLY!), and Step It Up and Dance is promising to be a campier, gayer, sluttier version of So You Think You Can Dance, and… I just can’t think of anything wrong with that. It is fair to say that the success of the network for the past few years is thanks in large part to Project Runway, and I can’t even imagine what will happen to the network without their masthead. My guess, though, is it won’t be pretty.

Here’s the thing, if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty: Lifetime is Television For Women. No seriously, that’s their slogan. Bravo is Television For Gays (And Some Women), and seriously, that might as well be their slogan. If the powers that be feel the need to alter the format or tone of Project Runway in order to fit it into the Lifetime sensibility, it will FAIL! If they leave everything as it is, everything will be fine and Lifetime will get a huge ratings boost and we’ll all live happily ever after. There’s probably a lot of people out there who think Project Runway is ready for a makeover of sorts anyway (last season was rather stale, at least in the beginning), so maybe this will work out for the best. Personally, I don’t care. I just need my weekly dose of Tim Gunn. So Lifetime, if I may directly address you and channel The Gunn at the same time… “Make It Work!


Mary said...

It's moving to Lifetime? I'm a woman and I don't watch Lifetime. I agree with your slogan for Bravo. It fits to a 'T'. Does that make me a gay man? ;)

Erin G said...

you and me both, mary. I'm actually happy about this - it means I can finally watch PR more regularly!

Reeva*Dubois said...

Mary, it doesn't make you a gay man... but rather, a Friend of the Family, a most auspicious title if you ask me.

Mary said...

I'm honored to be a Friend of the Family, Reeva. :)