Monday, April 07, 2008

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There’s an old saying that goes, “When it rains… it pours.” While I agree with that little ditty, my version goes something like this, “When it rains… it slams into you at 60 miles per hour.” That’s right, folks. This past Friday, I was driving to Greenville with a friend on I-85 and got rear-ended but good.

After a brutally stressful week at work, and the continuing frustrations with my apartment, this was ALL I needed.

There is a bright side, I suppose. I wasn’t in my car… rather, I was borrowing my parents’, which is an SUV. I know in my gut that my little Ford Focus wouldn’t have taken the impact as graciously. And since my parents’ car was basically brand new – I think they’ve had it for two weeks – there’s a very good chance the insurance companies will call it totaled and move on. Also, no one was seriously hurt, as far as I know. Oh, trust me, my neck is VERY sore and I have some beautiful, juicy bruises along my front thanks to the seatbelts, but all in all, it was fairly tame for a high-speed collision.

The real silver lining in all of this, though, is I just don’t care anymore. If I can survive the emotional trauma of being screwed around with at work, AND the financial stress of trying to move into a new place with no money, AND the physical trauma of a car wreck… I figure I can pretty much handle anything. I guess what I’m saying is: bring it on. Yes, Fate… or Destiny, or Luck, or Fortune, or whateverthehell you’re calling yourself these days… I’m talking to you. BRING. IT. ON.


Mary said...

Holy crap, Reeva! I'm glad you're okay. I think Fate, Destiny, Luck, and Fortune just better leave you alone for a while or I'll be all over them like ugly on a hag fish. (Picture here:

Erin G said...

I'm glad you're ok too. But yikes - two weeks after purchase i pretty much the WORST time to wreck a car - there's no way the insurance payment will cover the depreciation, so I hope it's NOT totalled! at least getting rear ended always falls back on someone else. love that 85 corridor.