Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meme Time:

courtesy Erin

Four Jobs I’ve had:
Heavy lifter of crafty things @ Michael’s Crafts
Food Slinger and Beverage Refiller @ various Restaurant type places
Music Office Minion (with Erin)
Accompanist for various singers, instrumentalists, and bad blind dates

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
Every single animated Disney movie
Bring It On – yes, 4,000 times sounds accurate
Pretty Woman (it’s totally memorized)
The Wizard of Oz

Four places I’ve lived:
Spartanburg, SC
Greenville, SC
Cincinnati, OH

Four TV shows I watch:
American Idol

Four places I’ve been:
New York, NY
Orlando, FL
All over NC
Chicago, IL

Four places I would like to visit:
London, England (this fall!!)
San Francisco, CA

Four people who email me regularly:
Roommate (that’s you, George)
Li’l Sis
Myself (ok, honestly, I don’t get a whole lot of emails)

Four of my favorite foods:
Mac and Cheese
Cake (except carrot cake, ewww)
Cookout Food

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
Finally getting my job situation figured out
Going to London to visit Li’l Sis
Roommate’s birthday bash in Beaufort (always an annual highlight)
The arrival of my niece/nephew in August/September
And one more: maybe possibly getting a puppy

Four people I am tagging to make their own lists:

If they don’t have their own blog, they can complete the meme in the comments.


Mary said...

Thanks for the tag, Reeva. I'll take you up on it soon. We had a gaggle of kids in the house today, so I've hardly had time to do more than clean.

Btw, ever since you pointed out Leona Lewis, I keep seeing her "Bleeding Love" video on VH1 and am getting strangely hooked on it.

Erin G said...

I'm picturing you playing piano for someone on a blind date, and it makes me laugh. I can totally see you dating someone who's diva enough to do that.